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Back to Class-Fall for Fitness

August 30, 2015 , , , , ,

Tucson Racquet Club

Tucson Racquet Club

I enjoy my membership at the Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club very much. The facility is open 24 hours and is kept clean by a friendly and competent staff. As a steam room fan I am mighty particular about the cleanliness of our spa. The indoor jacuzzi/steam area is thoroughly cleaned, and the water in the jacuzzi drained and replaced twice a week. I have worked at fancy expensive spas that do not maintain such a level of attention to cleaning spa facilities. The steam room is the only one I have seen with a view of outdoors. The natural light and view of the mountains adds to the pleasant steam experience for me.

The Racquet Club  an open, family oriented place with acres of space for recreation.  The tennis, handball and volleyball teams are active.  Pickleball and even a ping pong table add extra fun for the competitive sport.  Two olympic sized heated pools provide plenty of room for lap swimming and classes at the same time.  The cooler lap pool is shaded from the Arizona sun.  Since I use the private pool at my condo village I have not used the pools very much. In the 7 years I have been a member I have taken two classes. I am happy to do my own thing in the weight room without a set time.  This has suited my lifestyle and may still be my favorite way to use the club.  However, Medicare Advantage, for which I will qualify next year, will give me a Silver Sneakers membership at no cost.  If I want to include all the classes offered I will be charged $22.50 a month.  This is a screaming bargain, but only if I go to class.  The next step in my health care journey is to analyze the cost benefits of taking fitness classes.

This is ironic because I have taken and taught thousands of fitness classes and private lessons.  At one time in my life I spent lots of money and time to seek teaching from accomplished yogis and other master teachers.  I do appreciate the value of good instruction, but I believe I have become jaded and stagnant.  I don’t know exactly why I took such  long break, but I now see many reasons to go back to fitness school this fall.  For the next four months, while I still pay full price for my membership I will take classes at least five days a week in order to establish a habit.  I can only benefit from what I learn during this fall fitness semester of training.  To pick and choose from the wide variety on menu of classes is a luxury I might as well enjoy.  If I find that I like classes attending again the $22.50 monthly fee will be super reasonable in the future. The classes I plan to incorporate into my schedule on the first week are:

  • Postural Fitness- an excellent system based on the work of Pete Igoscue 
  • Pilates- there are two levels of mat classes for me to try
  • Yoga- the club offers 5 kinds of yoga for all kinds of tastes and abilities
  • TRX- I have never tried this popular training method

Do you have a fitness routine, gentle reader? Are you loyal to classes or do you like to mix and match with your own thing?  My investment into trying new classes this fall will be an adventure back to the future for me. Whatever the outcome I am sure the time I spend will be well rewarded.  Health is our only real wealth.

What do you think?

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Hi Pam
At the moment I’m running – thanks to that cancer research challenge. But, once I finish my september travels I am thinking of having a personal trainer for a few months, just to see me through the winter…

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August 31, 2015

I’m so impressed with your running, Fiona. A trainer can be helpful and effective if you start your own practice with what you learn. You certainly took initiative to complete that race and keep going, so now anything will be easy.


Pamela Morse

August 31, 2015

What a gorgeous facility. Wow.. No wonder you liked going there. FABULOUS. I would recommend the yoga and the pilates. the Igoscue classes would be very interesting. TRX have not tried enough but it works you hard…. which is good. That kind of challenge is good for people!

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 1, 2015

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