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Jeffrey Horney, 9th Great-grandfather

January 11, 2016 , , ,

Third Haven Meeting House

Third Haven Meeting House

My 9th great-grandfather sailed to America with his parents in 1685.  His family may have been fleeing religious persecution, common for Quakers in England.  He seems to have prospered in his new home in Maryland.

Jeffrey was called a planter as were most of the early English immigrants; they were here to plant a new nation. Jeffrey and Elizabeth were in Easton, Maryland in 1685, and were of the Nicholite pursuasion (sometimes called Quakers or reffered to as Friends.) Jeffrey Horney assisted in Erecting the Friends Meeting House in 1685, the Third Haven Friends Meeting.

Jeffrey owned land in Kent (now Queen Anns) Co., Maryland on the north side of Chester River and on the west side of Unicorn Branch of Willmore’s Fork, which was called “Dixon’s Gift.” A tract of 900 acres known as “cottingham” was purchased from Isaac Abrams 20 Nov 1712. Other Maryland land records show him with 200 acres, “the Freshes”, surveyed 15 May 1681. Talbot Co. records show “… the provisiions for workmen to be pressed at Jeffrey Horney’s July 25, 1685.”

Jeffrey Horney (1675 – 1738)
is my 9th great-grandfather
Jeffrey Horney (1723 – 1779)
son of Jeffrey Horney
Mary Horney (1741 – 1775)
daughter of Jeffrey Horney
Esther Harris (1764 – 1838)
daughter of Mary Horney
John H Wright (1803 – 1850)
son of Esther Harris
Mary Wright (1816 – 1873)
daughter of John H Wright
Emiline P Nicholls (1837 – )
daughter of Mary Wright
Harriet Peterson (1856 – 1933)
daughter of Emiline P Nicholls
Sarah Helena Byrne (1878 – 1962)
daughter of Harriet Peterson
Olga Fern Scott (1897 – 1968)
daughter of Sarah Helena Byrne
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Olga Fern Scott
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

Jeffrey Horney I was born. circa 1675, in England.  He was the son of Geoffrey Horney and Juliana .  Jeffrey Horney I emigrated in 1685 from England. He married Elizabeth Harwood, daughter of Elizabeth Garey, circa 1696 at Talbot, Maryland.   Jeffrey Horney I died before 27 March 1738 at Talbot, Maryland.8
Elizabeth Harwood b. c 1680, d. b Jan 1737/38


William Horney b. 1718
Jeffery Horney II+ b. 1720, d. b 8 Jun 1779
Phillip Horney b. c 1723
James Horney b. c 1725
Prisillia Horney b. c 1726
Jane Horney b. c 1728
Liddy Horney b. c 1728
Ann Horney b. c 1729

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Your family tree is so interesting. The lineage is so diverse.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 14, 2016

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