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Farmers Markets for Family Fun

January 18, 2016 , , ,

The goddess herself

The goddess herself

The goddess herself

The goddess herself

The popularity of farmers markets is in the rise. People are interested in fresh sources of local food, and more entrepreneurs are entering the market with new natural products.  The variety and quality of locally produced foods has soared in Baja Arizona in the last few years.  Specialty growers and artisanal small batch culinary companies are featured at most of our markets.  Some feature food trucks and vendors of prepared meals, both frozen and ready to eat on the spot.  Many markets have entertainers, usually musicians, to entertain the crowd. The combination of shopping for special food and being outdoors is a perfect recipe for family enjoyment.  The market creates an atmosphere that encourages healthy culture and social engagement.

I have been a customer at many markets all around the world, rarely being disappointed.  Yesterday I participated as a vendor for the first time at the Heirloom Farmers Market at the Rillito Race Track in Tucson.  I was in training to represent Garden Goddess raw fermented sauerkraut, made in Phoenix, down here in Tucson.  The goddess herself, Suzette Smith, showed me how it is done and set me up with the equipment and permits I will need to get going on my own as a market vendor.  We had a really great time meeting the customers as well as the other vendors.  For our first appearance anywhere in Tucson we had a very warm reception.   The flavor as well as the health benefits make fermented foods easy for me to promote. I eat the kraut myself daily with excellent results.  I can enthusiastically endorse the changes it has made to my digestive system.  Health is valuable to me, but if something does not taste good I am not very likely to get into it.  Garden Goddess krauts are so deliciously different from others on the market that I find the sample taste convinces many to buy.  Some folks who think they are not fans of kraut change their minds when they taste the Garden Goddess versions of this ancient food.  Others who do enjoy it are surprised to find such a full flavored kraut with so many medicinal additives to increase the benefits.

The time flew by yesterday because sharing the day with the community at a market is one of my favorite pastimes.  I am feeling lucky to find a new way to participate in the local food culture.  It is a blast to turn people on to the wonders and flavors of artisanal sauerkraut.

Sunday market at Rillito Race Track

Sunday market at Rillito Race Track

young entrepreneur

young entrepreneur

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I am a huge fan for Farmers Markets (providing they are large enough) I love to look at the array of vegetables, fruits and other types of foods!


Stevie Wilson

January 24, 2016

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