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Wild West Hospitality in Arizona

February 5, 2016 , , , ,

I am lucky to have visitors from Switzerland who are interested in Arizona culture and art. I am also interested, but not inclined to get out on the road on my own to seek more than I have right at home.   In order to show my friends part of our state and share a couple of days sight seeing with them I booked an air bnb accommodation for us in Sonoita, AZ.  It was a perfect central location to explore Santa Cruz and Cochise County.  These sky islands are unique habitats that are completely different from Europe.  The vast expansive views and the snow on the mountains (it was snowing in Sonoita and Patagonia when we arrived)  made this area very attractive for movie makers involved with cowboy flicks.  The movie Oklahoma was shot down there in the picturesque grasslands south of Tucson.  The Swiss ladies loved the landscape, the little towns and the people.  To complete the western experience we drove to Tombstone to see the courthouse museum, the restored part of town, and the specialty shopping only the town too tough to die has to offer.

My friend invited me to go to the comedy gun fight show, something I am sure I would not do on my own.  It turned out to be very entertaining and well produced.  I enjoyed it and give props to the actors that play the gun slinging characters.  They do an excellent job of making it look spontaneous while keeping it safe for everyone.  One of the actors is a real Arizona Ranger, which I think is very cool.  All of them need a good sense of humor as well as much skill with firearms to do this show.  The audience easily gets involved with the action which is slapstick.  If you are visiting Tombstone this show will add to your enjoyment of the town.  If you still want more gun fights they also do the gunfight at the OK Corral reenactment several times daily.  Both are done well, but we already know how the OK Corral ends.  The actors walk around town to promote the shows, so if you skip the performances you still get a glimpse of the fine costuming.  Everyone is extra friendly because tourism is the only reason Tombstone is so tough.  People from all over the world have a good time hanging out there.  For an authentic welcome and some very hospitable local color, check out the town too tough to die.

gun fight

gun fight

gun fight

gun fight



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I love this post. It’s so great to find something that could be so old and tired turn out to be so much fun!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 7, 2016



Pamela Morse

February 17, 2016

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