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Biblical Hospitality in Sonoita, Arizona

February 9, 2016 , , ,

I took a trip last week with my Swiss visitors to discover nature and culture in southern Arizona. I shopped extensively for the right location to make our headquarters for exploration.   I was rewarded for my effort by spending two nights at the Hetrick’s Cozy Wine Country Retreat in Sonoita. It is situated on 16 acres of land with spectacular views in all directions.  As with all air bnb listings, the hosts provided everything we needed.  They have three cute dogs that have the run of the house, which made me very happy. The dogs are friendly and playful.  The large fire David built for us in the evening was a focal point for conversation and some local wine sipping.  Our hosts retreated to their offices and gave us the living room for our conversation.  The Hetricks provide exactly the amount of privacy the guests desire.  They are available for guidance and local knowledge, but allow the guests to use the kitchen, dining room, and beautiful patios of the home to their hearts’ content.  We arrived on the two coldest days of the year, so we did not enjoy any patio time.  We were very pleased to see the roaring fire in the living room to welcome us.

The Hetricks are involved in a Christian congregation and have a unique viewpoint on hosting.  They practice biblical hospitality.  They are both proud of this philosophy which honors every guest as a special gift.  The home is filled with very tasteful Christian art, including a wall of crosses collected from around the world.  There is no attempt to convert or even to discuss religion, but when I brought up the subject they explained their special mission within the hospitality industry.  The attitude is palpable.  We felt like part of the home, if not related to the family.  The labyrinth was the last place we went before we drove home to Tucson.  The site is incredibly scenic and moving.  To walk the pattern into the middle and back out is symbolic of inner and outer life.  The meaning is always personal and takes some contemplation.  For me the sunny morning labyrinth meditation was a strong message of spiritual intention.  Our trip had been blessed by the practice of biblical hospitality.  If you are in Arizona looking for a very good deal on some biblical hospitality do check out Cozy Wine Country Retreat.  It is a special place.





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I love this post on the wine country in So. Arizona. It looks so interesting. Biblical Hospitality.. that’s a unique perspective and it sounds interesting. The video is terrific!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 14, 2016

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