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Fortune’s Gospel

April 13, 2016 , , , ,

Off the rails

Off the rails

Board the rusty railroad full of fantasy concepts to find your just reward
Hear the compartments rattle and rumble while passengers are ignored
That positive fame followed by stunning wealth has eluded you until now
This year look for your notariety as well as your treasury to be happily restored

Generous, open-minded, spirit and soul take up the balancing act of life
It would be impossible to survive forever joyful, never knowing any kind of strife
Discernment is the prize we win at the end of our various trials and errors
Once we have been through a hard lesson, we are not likely to repeat it twice



Ride the poetry train in April at #NaPoWriMo.  Find a new poet you enjoy reading, or submit a poem of your own creation.

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I love the poem.. I love how you mixed on spirituality. SO cool and really thoughtful. Off the Rails– amazing!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 17, 2016

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