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Impending Storm

April 14, 2016 , , ,







Return the wagon to the stable, sitting still while the wheels look like speed

Red paint and chrome polish reveal a strong need to be admired in the crowd

Having taken up the badge of a hero, our tasks must constantly offer risk

To quiet the spectators, sharpen the sword, and to make the unconscious heed

A supercilious voice shrill, screeching, full of bold preaching, for crying out loud

Beneath the shelter of oblivious patrons of civil duty and artful tax evading dodge

The storm is brewing at the core of the society, hail falls steadily, wind is brisk

Tightrope strung in the path of a tornado, stars stream backdrop, time forgot




Today I took the prompt to write a san san, a form from Chinese involving an intricate pattern.  Find your place in a world of poets during April.  #NaPoWriMo is the place to look or submit your own work.

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I love the poem quite a bit. The random rhymes underscore the rhythm while the non-synchronous lines are really quite meaningful Great job Pam!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 21, 2016

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