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Navigating Health Care

May 15, 2016 , , ,

rose is a rose

rose is a rose

In order to navigate the tricky changing tides of health insurance coverage today we need experts. Since I switched to Medicare this year I went shopping last year for referrals for a good agent. I found Karyn Damschen of Retirement Navigators who helped direct me to the plan that works best for me.  I am extremely pleased with my coverage and my care at iora primary care.  Karyn is such a star Medicare expert that I carry her cards with me to pass out when I meet anyone who needs a health care insurance agent. Who, in my opinion, needs a health insurance agent? Absolutely everyone who has a choice in the matter.  If coverage by your employer is set, you probably would not benefit from a consultation with an agent.  All others need to be advised by those professionals who spend their time keeping current with regulations and changes in the market.  The market becomes more complex all the time.  The result for consumers is an unsettlingly confusing set of offers from which to choose.  After the coverage is in place we cross our fingers and hope anything that happens to us will be covered by our policy.  To make the best of this frequently changing situation I feel really great that I have Karyn representing my best interests and keeping me informed about all my options.

Recently I received the news that my primary care physician is leaving the brand new practice.  First my personal paraclete (health coach) from iora called to explain the change and transition.  The next day I got a call from the fabulous Karyn at Retirement Navigators who was busy calling all her clients who were effected by this situation.  She was ready and willing to change providers within the limits of my Medicare policy, or do anything I might want, in light of the new circumstances.  This was evidence to me that the front line of my health care system, my agent and my paraclete, are the best.  They spend all the time needed to match my needs with the best available medical care.  They have specialties and expertise in the insurance system that the doctor does not, and should not, be bothered to learn.  Although I liked my first doctor, I love the new system iroa is pioneering here in Tucson. The team approach has worked very well for me so far, and I expect that it will continue to evolve with a different doctor.  I am pleased with the choice I made to use iroa.  I have no wish to change because I like it now and think it will only improve with time.

Do you have a health insurance agent, gentle reader?  It is worth the time to find one to represent you.  They can read the map and keep you on the road to the best health care available to meet your needs.

rose is a rose

rose is a rose

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I have been reading your posts on this topic with great interest. I am so glad to hear that the people you are working with are REALLY looking out for you! That is amazing (and as rare as a perfect pearl too). I had some recent health care changes too but found that all my MDs are still part of the plan. Thank goodness!

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