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Alcohol Advent Calendars

December 1, 2016 , , , ,

the ginvent calendar

the ginvent calendar

I am impressed with the creativity and packaging of these specialty advent calendars by Drinks by the Dram. They are partnering with Masters of Malt to bring customers a unique way to celebrate the season.  They are offering 24 different drams of spirits to cheer up the recipient who opens each day with anticipation.  Alternately they sell Christmas crackers, a British thing, also filled with spirits.  The crackers include a bad joke and a party hat, all that any reveler needs to crank up a holiday fiesta at the office or anywhere.

The chance to taste test exotic and rare spirits is a very festive idea.  I like  gin because of all the variance in the botanicals used.  Each gin has a particular blend of herbs that creates that flavor profile.  I have tried a few expensive gins, and have thought the extra cost was worth it.  I think it would be fun to be guided like this for 24 days to try 24 new kinds of gin. We don’t have a traditional gift exchange around here because we are trying to go minimalistic with little success.  I am tempted to buy it for myself.  Which spirit would you choose, gentle reader?  The most expensive collection is $156.57 worth of fancy whiskey.  They also offer the customer a chance to build you own calendar by combining spirits.  This is a special way to make the season bright with delight.  Cheers!!!

the armagnac advent calendar

the armagnac advent calendar

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