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Musical Instrument Museum

March 15, 2017 , , ,

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix is a destination worth a lengthy visit. I spent the day there recently in complete awe.  The special exhibit on display now is an incredible collection of artfully inlaid instruments.  They exhibit includes videos to show the methods and makers of this specialized art. The intricacy they achieve is impressive, and almost impossible to discern with the naked eye.  The museum furnishes the visitors with little flashlights to illuminate the inlay for better appreciation of the detail.  This show is all in one large room, but is packed with amazing art.  The exhibit is both enlightening and inspirational.  I have a new appreciation for this fine craftsmanship.

The well designed space tells the story of the history and evolution of music all around the globe.  There are instruments and videos to explain the origins and uses of them arranged by geographic region.  Plan to spend a long time, or go back more than once to see the entire space.  I took out some time in the afternoon to attend a concert by the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra in the small acoustically perfect theater on site.  The selections played were very special for the small space, and I had a front row seat with a direct view of the conductor.  It was intimate and wonderfully transformative.  I enjoyed the concert immensely, and would return for another matinée the next time I plan a trip. The concert/museum combination is hard to beat. The concert series offers all kinds of music, and the prices are very reasonable for the quality.  The concert hall is a real treat in itself.  I highly recommend this museum for an hour or a week.  It is fascinating, and feeds the soul.

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The MIM is so special!


Luanne @ TFK

March 15, 2017

I agree…I will return sometime soon.

Liked by 1 person

Pamela Morse

March 15, 2017

How beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.


Sheryl Moore

March 15, 2017

Wow.. what a great museum! I love it! What an array of instruments- the inlaid ones are gorgeous (and must be incredibly expensive for that kind of work). That they have Ella Fitzgerald’s dress is fantastic. What a gorgeous dress. Definitely worth visiting this place!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 20, 2017

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