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Self Care And Self Expression

March 26, 2017 , , , ,

The phrase self care is popular these days. I personally am very happy to see this concept become a trend. For far too long high maintenance has been praised as a status to which we should all aspire. Personal trainers, stylists, shoppers,, chefs, and spin doctors of every sort are employed taking care of the needy and the wealthy who have no life skills to care for themselves. I enjoy personal care and attention as much as the next person, but I believe that by turning over too much personal care to professionals one becomes a product more than a zesty, lively expression of our own personality.  It is vital to get down to basics when we define self care.  It must be different for each individual because we each prefer unique ways of being soothed, pampered, or restored.  By taking responsibility for one’s own pampering one discovers new and valuable ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy.  There is no single formula, but there are elements that work well in combination to create a self care ritual or practice.

Personal time to recharge and invigorate can be used in all kinds of ways. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Take a class to learn a new skill you may enjoy as a hobby
  • Spend time reading in a peaceful space
  • Plan and execute a journey as a retreat, formal or self guided
  • Meditate or partake in mindfulness as you do your chores
  • Cook, clean, eat, transport, shop, and try various tasks in silence for a change
  • Play sports or games with others to foster fellowship
  • Swim, walk, bike, hike, or dedicate time to a solo exercise designed to free the mind of stress
  • Make a journal of discovery that includes words, ideas, and dream images
  • Take elaborately planned and executed baths with music, candles, privacy

I had to mention the bath because this is the classic way people think of self care.  I agree that a long soak in a tub with some essential oils can be just what is needed to restore vitality. Not everyone is a bath person.  I encourage you to look around for ways to take care of yourself as only you can. I enjoy trying photography in nature. Sometimes I even produce something worth sharing.  Enjoy, gentle reader. You are in charge of you.

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