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Savoring Sundays #NaPoWriMo

April 4, 2017 , , , ,

Plates of colorful food served with cheer transform the morning into a celebration

Of seasons and reasons we like to spend time at a local cafe in no rush to finish our meal

We retreat to a table for two to enjoy each other’s company and toast with a fancy libation

A tiny world all to ourselves, we rent the space on the patio, the chef, the waiter, and the baker

They create for us all the elegance and sensual delight we need to carry us through the week

This slice of time is is fuel to feed the soul and spark appreciation of our good fortune



Please join poets around the world for poetry month in April.  You can read, or submit poems here.  There are many contests and prompts going on to help those who are not sure they can write a poem…You can!!! Just do it.



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What a great ode to enjoying a meal out with someone that we know! Love this! Great share!

Liked by 1 person

Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 7, 2017

Love this post. It’s very in sync with a brunch theme. I love how you coordinated it Pam! #NaPoWriMo and it’s

Liked by 1 person

Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 9, 2017

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