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#WeekendCoffeeShare Tomato Tea Party

April 15, 2017 , , ,

If we were having coffee today I would serve you some iced tea because most of you would find the weather hot here. I love this time of year. The pink jasmine has subsided but the major waves of jasmine are just now starting to bloom. The star and the Asian bloom one right after the other, and are much bigger than the pink one. I am about to be lifted to heaven on a cloud of jasmine scent each time I walk out my front door, or open it. You might catch a whiff this weekend, but by next week it will stun you.  Sit back and relax while I pour your tea.  I am enjoying a refreshing glass of passion fruit black tea.

Today we are also featuring tomato specialties at the tea party.  I went to the produce pick up this morning and scored a box of perfect produce, including about 40 large tomatoes and three boxes of cherries.  We just finished mozzarella, olive, basil and tomato grilled sandwiches.  I would be happy to whip one up for you if you are hungry.  Later I will make a minestrone soup, and juice some of the ripe tomatoes for cocktail hour.  I like very spicy red snappers (Bloody Mary made with gin), and have all the fresh ingredients on hand to make them.  We plan to stay home today to do some gardening and home maintenance chores.  Our peaches are ripening and we need to start scaring the birds away from the tree.  We try new shiny objects each year.

If we were having coffee I would like to hear how all your writing projects are going.  Some of you are so prolific with your word count I can’t believe you have time to fit it all into 24 hours each day.  I would tell you that I am still writing a poem every day, having been recently inspired by a group doing #veggiepoetry  for National Poetry Writing Month.  I took a stab at it yesterday writing an ode to my least favorite of all vegetables, the rutabaga.  I think I will probably go with a tomato poem today, since they are on my mind.  I would tell you my favorite tea company approached me about tweeting for gift certificates.  I do want to start a system to review teas because it is a big interest of mine.  I will probably do it on my tumblr, which is supposed to be my artsy blog.  I thought about combining poems and tea, but nothing has popped into my brain for this poet-tea.  I will probably attempt the tea reviews in May and see where that leads.  I legitimately believe that my tea company has the best selection and prices, so it should be easy to find enthusiasm, if not poetry.



Thank you for stopping by today.  This coffee share is hosted on the weekends by Nerd in the Brain.  Visit this link to submit your own coffee share post, or read those from the diverse group participating.


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Your tomatoes sound good. I was surprised when I check the read at my grocery store to find only been read and the shelf was full of different types of Coffee.

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April 15, 2017

Your tomatoes look absolutely delicious!



April 15, 2017

Hi! I don’t think I’ve ever tried tomato tea before but I think I will love it. All the good food you mentioned sounds delicious already. Thanks for sharing. 🙂



April 16, 2017

The tomatoes look terrific.- I would kill to have amazing tomatoes like those. I do like your coffee hours because they are always interesting and you fill us in #currentevents in your life!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 26, 2017

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