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Tea Tuesday Honeybush Mango

May 2, 2017 , , ,

The tea I am drinking today is iced honey bush mango tea from Adagio. This is an old favorite at our house.  All the roiboos and honeybush teas deliver flavor punch without caffeine.  They come in many flavors to please any palate. I brew it in the sun, and use a light touch on the measurement.  I think it is important to suit your own taste and mood when brewing tea.  Sometimes in summer I make the teas dark intentionally in order to add lots of ice. In spring I drink them without ice, so I use a lighter dose of tea.

brewing honeybush mango

brewing honeybush mango

This tropical delight pairs well with any fruit.  This tea brings a high refreshing high note that combines with sweets, both natural and man-made.  With the addition of a little passion fruit or pineapple flavored vodka or rum (and a cocktail umbrella) this tea will take you through happy hour in a delightful, tasty, cordial manner.  These drinks will pair well with Joni Mitchell or other soprano voices in the background..something light and lilting.

The health benefits of drinking honeybush (Cyclopia) tea are impressive.  Both long and short-term wellness benefits include reducing inflammation, and improving the immune system.  Consuming this beverage is a delicious way to improve your body’s systems with no adverse side effects. Try it.  You’ll like it.

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I know the Adagio brand of tea. They have great products. I should visit their site. Thanks for talking about them Pam!


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