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The Holy Fool

May 9, 2017 ,

Holy Fools in History and Eternity

The Civilized Frontier

One of the greatest character archetypes in the history of literature has to be the holy (or sometimes unholy) fool. What is so absolutely strange about the holy fool is that they are said not to exist. Typically they appear in stories that have to do with some Christ figure who is so perfect among the other characters that he is blinded by that perfection in a way. His beautiful, and often romantic vision of virtue, love, and peace among people so central to his character causes the other, more realistic characters to despise him and either seek to manipulate the holy fool or kill the holy fool because of his convictions.

The differentiating factor of these characters is their sense of not belonging in the universe because of they were born into. That the act of killing them off is all at once diabolical but cosmically necessary. They areā€¦

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I’m the holy fool, who almost always wishes he was an avenger, someone with the power to exact rightness and fairness in a world where everything is anything but. Except, I’m not that holy. I AM that fool, though.

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nombre de la pluma

May 9, 2017

Me too!!!! Thanks for dropping by.


Pamela Morse

May 9, 2017

Interesting post. I like content like this. It’s very useful to see different perspectives.


I love the description of the Holy Fool. I have at times in my life been that person and other times not so much


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