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#WritePhoto Haunted Quarters

May 18, 2017 , ,


weeping window

weeping window


The tower had been built in the time of the beheadings

Torture and murder were the order of the day

They wiped out knights and murdered the queens

Who did not please the monarch by giving him a male heir

Some of my ancestors lost their heads, fortunes, and means

As players in the center of the Tudor dynasty reign of terror

Some spent their last night in confinement writing poetry

To leave a written legacy to the future subjects of the crown

The sorrow and the suffering of every tortured soul is evident

The stones are carved with the names of the doomed who have past

While the window weeps tears of the ghosts who haunt the present

With their unresolved memories of cruel and heartless treatment

Looking from this point of view we can see the harm done by violence




This poem is in response to this week’s photo prompt from Sue Vincent’s Echo.  Join writers from around the globe each week to read, comment, or write your own story for #writephoto.


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Your poem goes extremely well with the picture. It also gave me a Middle Age and gloomy feeling.

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Brigitte Kobi

May 18, 2017

Thanks, Brigitte. I appreciate your visit.

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Pamela Morse

May 18, 2017

There’s a very strong perception of tears rather than raindrops in this image. I like your version of whose tears they are.


Jane Dougherty

May 25, 2017

Love your poem about those who suffered under Henry VIII.What a great way to honor their premature deaths.


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