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Cheers! #SoCS

June 30, 2018 , ,



“Cheers!” I say as I lift my weekend Margarita to my lips. The weekend tradition of brunch, cocktails, nap, and some TV watching has become a dull and repetitive routine. There is a festive feeling to getting dressed up, wearing make-up and a little sparkle. I do like the idea of enjoying dining on food I will not cook for myself. I especially like the idea that I will not be washing the dishes or otherwise cleaning up after the repast.

It is time, however, to try some kind of new shift in the activity and/or venue. I need to expand the places I visit, the cuisines I taste, and the company I keep. It is not that I no longer wish to toast, sip, and linger over cocktails. It is that I want it all to be exciting new and different. This urge hits me as I am forced to take some time off to heal a broken bone. This might be a good time to quit cocktails altogether in order to have more of a thrill when I can return to normal outings to restaurants and bars.

Although my injury is a drag, I believe the extra time I will have to myself in the near future will be useful. I have not been writing as much as I would like, or paying attention to my family tree research. I can make use of this time at home to organize and clear clutter as well as study, read, and write. It is a sabbatical I will dedicate to renewing all good cheer by eliminating the unnecessary burdens of all that which no longer serves me. This turns out to be a great opportunity to fine tune my space at home.

I have just jammed my way through this #SoCS, Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda Hill’s Life in Progress blog. Join the group on Saturday to add your own take on this prompt.



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It sounds like you are headed on a wonderful new path

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June 30, 2018

Reinventing yourself and your home will be exciting. Good luck and cheers 🍸🍹

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June 30, 2018



Pamela Morse

July 1, 2018

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