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Captain William Garton, Sixth Great-Grandfather

July 8, 2018 , ,

Landcaster County

Landcaster County

Garton Bible records show Capt. William Garton’s father to be John Garton born 1615 and died 1698. He may be the son of a John Garton of Kingston-Upon-Hull (a wealthy merchant) who married Ann Hobson in 1614,

This Bible has an unbroken chain of possession in the same family. Captain William Garton was a planter, residing in Lancaster County, where he bought land in 1673. He is the oldest proven Garton in the line.

William Garton (1635 – 1709)
6th great-grandfather
Margaret Garton (1678 – 1773)
daughter of William Garton
Thomas Morris (1730 – 1791)
son of Margaret Garton
Joanna Morris (1762 – 1839)
daughter of Thomas Morris
John Samuel Taylor (1798 – 1873)
son of Joanna Morris
William Ellison Taylor (1839 – 1918)
son of John Samuel Taylor
George Harvey Taylor (1884 – 1941)
son of William Ellison Taylor
Ruby Lee Taylor (1922 – 2008)
daughter of George Harvey Taylor
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Ruby Lee Taylor
William was recorded in Nell M. Nugent’s “Cavaliers & Pioneers” — as William Garret with 100 acres in Lancaster County, Virginia on Fleet’s Bay on the south side of Tabb’s Creek, 20 December 1667. This land was part of 400 acres granted to George Thompson, 11 March 1657, who sold it to William Angell.
Uriah Angell, heir of William Angell sold the land to William Garret 17 September 1661. William Garton was listed with 2 tithables in Lancaster County, Colony of Virginia starting with 1671.
He purchased 100 acres in Lancaster County from John Boatman on 5 October 1674. In 1681 William purchased 200 acres ” beginning at the mouth of Nanty Poyson Creek” from Thomas and Roberta Martin. William Garton was on Lancaster Tithable list from 1670 through 1709.
He was appointed for horse service in Lancaster County, Virginia Colony 14 December 1687. He left a will in Christ Church Parish, Lancaster County, Viriginia Colony.

Will Of Captain William Garton, Will Book 10, pages 63-66, rec’d 8 Feb 1710.
“In the name of God, Amen, I Will Garton, of the parish of Christ Church in the County of Lancaster in Virginia, being sick, but in perfect memory, God be praised, I do make this my last will and testament, in manner and form following.
First – I bequeath my soul to Almighty God that made it, hoping to be saved by the meritorious death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ, my redeemer.
Item – to my son URIAH GARTON I bequeath a parcel of land beginning at a Pine tree at the head of the first long branch issuing out of Nanty Poyson Creek, running northeast to a corner tree at the first little branch that issues out of Deuber Cove.
Item – to my son JAMES GARTON I bequeath a parcel of land beginning in Black Sows Neck near Carel’s line so running up Carel’s line to a corner Maple northeast upon a marked line to a corner Red Oak thence northeast to the head of Deuber Cove concluding all within the said lines aforesaid.
Item- to my son ANTHONY GARTON I bequeath a parcel of land beginning at a corner Red Oak from thence to a corner stone in Tark [or Tarll].
Item – to my daughter KATHERINE GARTON I bequeath a parcel of land beginning at a Red Oak at the head of the spring branch issuing out of Tab’s Creek, all concluding within the aforesaid courses and corner line.
Item – All my land bequeathed to my sons and daughter aforementioned I bequeath to them and their heirs forever.
Item – It is my will that my three negroes shall tarry upon the plantation I now live upon, till my debts is paid and then to be equally divided along with my personal estate among my sons and daughters MARGARET and KATHERINE GARTON.
Item – to ESTHER MUGG, I bequeath a full share of my personal estate with my sons and daughters aforementioned if she comes.
I do appoint my sons and daughters aforementioned to see this my last will and testament performed.
Witness my hand and soul this twentieth day of December One Thousand Seven Hundred and Nine.
Will [+] Garton
Witnesses mark –
Murler [+] Noulin
William Buttery
Katherine (+) Buttery
Elizabeth [+] Rebelow
Item – To my sons and daughters I bequeath all bounds of Thomas Thompson’s patent lying between Tab’s Creek and Nanty Poyson Creek.
Item – To my son-in-law, Will Cutter, I bequeath more ______ which is on my plantation.


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