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Prelude to the Full Moon in Capricorn & 2018 Eclipse Season, Part II

June 26, 2018

The 2018 Eclipse Season

Neptune and the Oak

copyright Neptune andthe Oak undulations a la Mediterranean 

Are the goal posts moving or just undulating?
There is that saying, ‘if we all threw our troubles into a swapping pile, we’d quickly decide to take our own back again.’ This month is proving the point, though a lot of good that does us if we are feeling ploughed under. Still, for the vast majority of us, there are some frictionless connections, some easier compromises and adjustments that present themselves along our harried way. Corny as it sounds, we’ve got to channel some of our energy into appreciating those contact points.

If you have recently had to accept that Power comes with responsibilities and ground-holding that carry a hefty toll – or-  that you actually have ‘only so much’ Power and so must deal with it, you may be wondering if the goal posts are moving or just undulating. I think I would answer: both.

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June 24, 2017 1 Comment



Over the edge of the chasm the hot molten metal poured
The danger loomed larger as the sound of engines roared
The door to hell was opened quickly without warning
There is little time to make amends and none to take flight
Running, tired and thirsty, taking refuge until morning
Revealed our footprints and our trail in the broad daylight
If we did not find another way our demise would be assured
That is how we found transcendence and finally were cured

When Does The Ship Come In?

July 9, 2016 3 Comments



When I was a freshman a the University of Texas at Austin in 1968 I was an idealist.  I was a folk singer, hum dinger. I protested the war in Viet Nam and civil rights atrocities.  We thought that an egalitarian, high minded society was just around the corner.   We thought the empire of fascist evil would end as soon as Barry Goldwater died.  We knew less about world affairs then, but we knew that war was not only the only true sin amount nations, but also unconstitutional in the way it was being waged with no declaration.  Since 1968 the United States has been at war with at least one part of the world all the time.  Peace has not been achieved, and civil rights have been all but forgotten.  Now we have the for profit prison system to mass incarcerate people of color, and laws designed specifically to feed that system.  Our war on drugs has produced an epidemic of cheap heroin and an addiction crisis.

I was too young to march on Washington in 1963.   I was busy living as an ex-pat petroleum princess in Venezuela.  I spent a lot of time listening to Radio Havana because it was the only station that we got with a strong signal on the radio.  I usually turned it off when Fidel went off on his speeches, but I liked the music from Cuba.  Back in those days Venezuela had a natural contempt for Cuba and Fidel, and dependence on oil companies for their entire economy.  This worked very well for the preteen petroleum princess, but not so well for the impoverished worker class.  Like the historical Buddha I was exposed to suffering I never could have imagined in the world. The really interesting part was that my parents had no problem with the semi slavery and obscene show of wealth we enjoyed. I didn’t either until I thought about it.  Now my own country has almost the same level of income disparity I observed in 1963 in Venezuela. The hippies have not yet accomplished our mission.  I wonder if in the chaos and violence of this time, so similar to 1968, we might finally see the ship come in.  The whole wide world is certainly watching.




Full Moon for Healing

February 22, 2016 1 Comment

full moon setting

full moon setting

Native cultures around the world have celebrated the significance of new and full moons. Full moon is the apex of light energy for the month. Although we wish to retain some of our practices and enhance them, the full moon is a perfect moment to discard beliefs and addictions we wish to shed. In the brightness of the full moon light we can harness the symbolic power of lunar mystery and magnetism. We can use it to focus intently on replacing worn out, maybe meaningless things we do and say out of habit. Not every addiction is harmful, but blindly following a path from the past without scrutiny is less than our best. Full moon is the time to discern, time to look within for answers to spiritual questions.

Without complicated chants or candle light we can choose this time to make a list of all the thoughts words and deeds we see ourselves doing without thinking.  We all get into ruts and find ourselves repeating mistakes or just blindly following what we have always done.  This full moon today is a wonderful time to concoct a quick, simple ritual to banish stale thinking and acting.

  • Write a list of 5 things you do or own that no longer serve you
  • Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes to ponder and read the list
  • Visualize a higher octave, a replacement for these unwanted things
  • Use music, scent and bathing to create a cleansing atmosphere
  • Submerge yourself in meditation, sitting, walking, bathing, whatever is natural to you.
  • When your meditation is complete, burn the list and kiss it goodbye

If weather permits hold your ceremony and meditation outdoors in the light of the moon.  Take the feeling with you into the next month to remind you of the changes you have set into motion.  Carpe noctem, gentle reader.

Gradual Decline

January 29, 2013 1 Comment

The people who have gone through natural disasters and survived can tell us change is never what we expect. The people who languish in unhappy circumstances often believe that fate has trapped them without options.  The appearance of permanence is a mind boggler. The sensory world seems permanent and meaningless, virtually everything it is not. You are an element of change, weather you acknowledge it or not. Some folks imagine they are preserving the world, others think they are destroying, ruling, or upgrading it. If sudden events alter the world around you, you will both adopt new ways of coping and adapt new skills. This is true for gradual change as well.

The median income in the U.S. of all but the top 10% of earners has remained relatively flat since 1967. Not all family groups, but most, own less than they owned three years ago. A small increase in household income is enjoyed by the top 5 percent of earners, but the middle class has lost income since the big crash of 2008. The adaptation to this reality does not look like healthy acceptance and appropriate response. The concept that the future is always better casts a dark economic cloud over real budgets. Spending as if there is no tomorrow usually results in a future of gloom. Paying the piper is inevitable in terms of karmic as well as financial debt. At both a personal and a national level new skills and perspectives are needed to break the cycle of gradual decline.

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