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Obstruction of Justice

November 12, 2013 5 Comments



What is obstruction of justice, exactly? Many of us feel that somehow our relationship with the government is unjust. We think our tax dollars are spent without enough consideration. We feel cheated.  We feel mislead.  The formal definition of obstruction of justice is complex and complicated.  Federal law defines perjury as obstruction thusly:

I. Whoever

II. a. under oath or b. in any

i. declaration,
ii. certificate,
iii. verification, or iv. statement

under penalty of perjury as permitted under Section 1746 of title 28, United States Code376 III. in any proceeding before or ancillary to

a. any court or
b. grand jury of the United States

IV. knowingly

V. a. makes any false material declaration or
b. makes or uses any other information, including any

i. book,
ii. paper,
iii. document,
iv. record,
v. recording, or vi. other material,

knowing the same to contain any false material declaration,
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.377

So if you lie to the Feds about Federal law you will be in trouble with the court.  Richard Nixon was brought down for his mendacity.  He made an effort to mislead the judicial system.  If you were alive for Watergate his is probably the face of political hanky panky at it’s most absurd.  Since Nixon, however, we are not feeling that our democratic tax dollars are used fairly.  We see our elected officials blatantly serving the lobbyists who support them.  We see the giant and growing discrepancies between the most wealthy and the poverty-stricken.  We are watching as liberty and justice for all vanishes from the United States of America.  A sliding scale for prosecution of crime fills the jails and penitentiaries with people of color while the banker robbers of the world are still mostly loose on the town.  There is now a sense that the government spies on the citizens, lies to the citizens, and often fails to serve the interests of the citizens.  The fourth branch of government is now lobbyists.  We never see their faces, but we know they are out to lunch with our elected officials and we are not.  In  our guts we know this is unfair.

Probable Cause

November 11, 2013 5 Comments

I became familiar with this legal term when my parents were robbed by lawyers who worked for a care home owner.  A young lawyer obtained the signatures of my severely mentally impaired parents in front of no witnesses and proceeded to use those signatures to rob them at the bank, destroy all their civil rights, trapping my dad in the care home, as was the plan.  Two weeks after they robbed and attacked my parents they ran away but kept about $8000 or so for the so called services they had performed.  To recover from this attack my parents’ real lawyer had to work and be paid to restore their estate plans and civil rights. It was costly and destructive as well as blatantly criminal.  I wrote to everyone including John Evans, the Federal prosecuting attorney in Tucson.  I was told that since they had obtained the signatures, even though they did not know my parents and had drastically damaged their health and well being, as well as their finances, they were allowed to pretend for those two weeks to represent my parents and be paid for it.  The FBI initially investigated the case and told me there was obvious fraud. Later they told me they had to drop the case because the border issues demanded all the man power in Tucson.  It felt distinctly as if the Feds decided that lawyers can commit crimes because they will fight back if you attempt to bust them for their obvious crimes.  It is easier to pick on border crossers than your friends at the AZ Bar.  Eventually the Bar did slap the young lawyer on the wrist, but he had already left the firm where he had robbed my parents. To say that I lost all respect would be an extreme understatement.

I have now owned a home that is supposed to be governed by an HOA.  The people on our HOA board have refused to do anything that AZ law requires of them, but have insisted that they have a right to invite the general public here to donate to a charity scam they have run in the condo next door to me and at the curb for many years. Feeding the Homeless in Tucson Parks is the philanthropical outreach our HOA board has used to express their special jurisdiction here in our public areas.  This 100% criminal operation has been been in operation in this same location for many years.  Since they have never been stopped breaking AZ law or stealing money from the dues directly they decided to give themselves the right to use the non profit corporation (our HOA) and our public areas and driveway to operate this charity scam.  None of the volunteer hours, or truck loads of bread, or cash donations that came in the mail, or items left in the driveway for many years has ever been reported to the IRS.  I have been informed by the HOA lawyer that the board has broken no laws by using our property to run this criminal scam. That means they plan to continue to use the fire lane in front of my home to invite the public here to be hostile to the entire neighborhood and pretend they are doing philanthropy.  The latest known solicitation for donations was done to Tucson Appliance for a new stove this spring.  That stove belongs in a homeless shelter or the food bank, not in a residential condo that has been used for criminal purposes.  If soliciting drive by donations and pretending to be a charity is not a crime against the neighbors and society I think it would be very hard to find one. My neighbors and I have reported these crimes for years, but law enforcement has not been available to stop this.  I have the impression that law enforcement cares very little about stopping crime or enforcing laws.  I may be wrong, but we shall see.

If you are asked for donations from anyone, ask to see the 501C3 the IRS issues legal charities. It is apparently easy to operate fraudulent philanthropical donation sites for many years with no interference from the IRS. Our local law enforcement has practiced and advised willful blindness to these crimes, which I think is incredibly weird.  I have hired and put  a lawyer on retainer because this has gone on for too long and seriously damaged our property value. I think we are entitled to law enforcement from the agencies we pay to enforce the law.  However, if you need to hire and pay a lawyer to show those agencies probable cause it is better than allowing crime to trash your neighborhood.

Beware of HOA Fraud

May 29, 2013

I live in a small community of 30 town homes in Tucson. Our dues money has been spent to do as much damage as possible to our property value for over a decade. The board has run a charity scam in the home that has a common wall next to mine for about 10 years. They have solicited and collected donations, including truck loads of bread, stored them in the house that has never had pest service, or any basic maintenance. The mainline of the house has been leaking for months, but the board denies any responsibility to make this board member repair the leak. It has been flowing onto the roots of a mesquite tree and causing the ground to heave right next to the sewer out take, and my house. Left to swell and grow the roots are very likely to crack the foundation of my house, but there is no response from our HOA board.  If an HOA board is out of control like this one your real estate value can be taken to zero.  Black mold loves the conditions set up by donation collection and water leaks, and few insurance policies will cover a homeowner whose home is ruined by mold.

Intelligence vs Negligence

January 4, 2013 3 Comments

We have so much negligence that it is necessary to break it down into its various categories:
Negligence per Se is obvious disregard for regulation that harms society. Criminal negligence is a gross deviation from the risk assessment skills of an average person. Gross negligence is failure to act with the slightest degree of care. Concurrant negligence is a group acting without the slightest degree of care. Obstruction of justice is acting to impede the law enforcement system. Seems a bit blurry, but we all know negligence when we see it.

The Latin root word in question here is about discernment and understanding. Intelligence is the ability to discern clearly, and negligence is sloth, injury and injustice. We do not have so many legal categories for intelligence because it is rare. There are laws, and there is the spirit of the law. Intelligent citizens will make the bureaucracy responsible for negligence of every kind. We pay for this negligence, and I think it is a raw deal. Good management practices eliminate negligence and waste of resources. The status quo looks to me a lot like concurrant negligence.

Passive Agressive Cops Foster Crime

December 30, 2012 7 Comments

Joe Bonnano

Joe Bonnano

I live in central Tucson, where we are surrounded with gun dealing, dope dealing, human dealing, and we are not sure what else. Here everyone knows that these illegal businesses are perhaps the strongest part of our economy. Tucson works on that trickle down theory…if we let lots of crime money circulate in the city, somebody will buy something from the legal merchants. We are well aware that cops do not make extra money enforcing laws, but rather by strategically ignoring them.

People in other parts of the country might be shocked by what is called the neighborhood watch program in this city.. Our neighbors have had three visits from the neighborhood watch cop. We had a functional handful of neighbors who regularly e mailed and gave information to each other about crime, safety, and suspicious activity. We met with her to find out how to enhance our skills and coordinate with the TPD. She came but told us we did not meet the requirements she had to follow, so she could not work with us. We went ahead the same way, just using our e mail list to contact each other.

The second meeting set up to form an official watch was a few days before a sales tax election that was of great importance to the officer. Although we had far fewer attendees at the second meeting, she decided that this time we could make it official. So she stayed for an hour and promoted the sales tax and told us we already had no hope of law enforcement, but if the sales tax did not pass she might loose her job. I remember thinking, she really should loose her job since she is out here not doing it at all right now. After the official status was granted I contacted her to help eliminate the extreme flaming crime that we had to tolerate full time in the form of a charity scam operating in our public areas. She refused to help or respond. She told me to call the parking authority to try to remove the log jam of cars that blocked us into our houses while they made donations to the criminals. The parking authority did arrive six months later and ticket a neighbor who had been illegally parked for a decade, but all the neighborhhod had to live with full time fully public crime by three of the thirty houses in our condo village. Since they were in the scam business for years, our property value has been reduced to almost nothing. Nobody would come to look at a property where the residents were fully parked in to their homes with crime traffic.

The third meeting with the officer was even more poorly attended, with only three other homes represented, other than the full time criminals. So, with the threashhold of a minimum of 16 participants, she went ahead with a brief meeting to sanction the tiny, close knit, and full time criminal group who sat before her as our official neighborhood watch. The other homeowners would just be able to watch while their quality of life is trashed by this group. I raised the issue that there were not close to a majority there, which was met with hostility by both the charity scammers and the cop. What they have in common that aligns them is a desire to be hostile rather than aware. I watched a functioning group of neighbors turn into a crime enhancing group of punks under the guidance of the TPD. No exchange of information has been done since she sanctioned the criminal group. They refuse to respond, just like the TPD. I want to recognize the important work being done by this branch of law enforcement, and I want to stop paying for it. It seems to damage society when cops pretend that crime is not their problem. We don’t need to pay tax dollars to extend willful blindness to crime. We already have that.

As Above, so Below-the Border

December 24, 2012 1 Comment

How irresistible is untaxed profit?  So magnetic that a Border Patrol agent just was stupid enough to load a large shipment of dirt weed into to his migramobile for transport right next to the border recently.  I live in Tucson, in the slipstream of untaxed profit provided by the border. It feels to me like the economy that transpires outside the law, under the table, is much greater than legal business in my state. We are so damn fast, furious, heavily armed, and racist that anything can and does happen.  South of the border, down Mexico way, kingpins of crime created  a much stronger economy than the local legal economy. They now have their own saint which is a sure sign that they are in control. The border itself offers them the risk reward system of illegal commerce that increases their power and wealth. Sure, they have guns (supplied by us), but they only enforce their special jurisdiction with guns. If they had no economy based on smuggling they would have no power in Mexico or the US, thus no need for a saint.

  • The closer to the border, the higher the risk/reward.
  • The closer to the border, the more violent the scene
  • The closer to the border, the higher the pay for crime
  • The closer to the border, the higher the bribes

At the border everything is exponentially magnified and all the cops are criminals, all the sinners saints.  Stakes are high and the dominant criminal precedent has been set in place forever.  Smuggling pays well, and pays law enforcement the highest salaries, one would imagine.  The fence that was built to solve our bizzillion border issues has magnetized them.  The pay is now higher to break laws at the border, and the violence much greater.  Every pendejo who loves lawlessness is attracted to the Arizona/Sonora border. Why?  It is simple.  The pinche-punk criminals flock to both sides of the border because the border itself is pura pendejada.  The migra doesn’t even have a saint. How pathetic is that?

Governor Lost and Found

December 6, 2012 2 Comments

Gov. Jan Brewer of my home state put on her high-heeled sneakers, and that ever-present wig hat on her head to sneak out to Afghanistan. This was done presumably to brighten the holidays for AZ National Guard troops stationed there… IF…..her presence was so exciting it is worth it to all to export it.  Troops used to get Bob Hope, Raquel Welch,and lots of  A list stars to light up  their holidays.

I am politically torn on this one. Although I loathe the Barry Goldwater style move that this seems to be, and as a true conservative deplore the expenditure of public money, I do so want to export her to someplace far from here.  I am also fully in favor of her putting herself more in harm’s way than even Phoenix can offer.  If she had paid for it herself and used her vacation days I would say,  “Vaya con Dios.  Stay for a while.”  In Spanish la gobernadora is luz de la calle, oscuridad de la casa (light of the street, darkness of the home). We had a lovely Gov Jan Napolitano who was imported to DC for the security of the homeland while we replaced her with a shadow governor.

In this woman’s mind it makes sense to deny hispanic youth dreamers the right to obtain drivers licenses.  If they have the nerve to drive they will be doing so without insurance, a very unappealing idea for anyone driving through the state.  If we gave them drivers licenses we would not only acknowledge them with some dignity, we would enhance the chances that they might find employment.  In Arizona we graduate only 25% of English learner high school students in the state.  We have few legal jobs but an abundance of easy fast (read instant) careers in crime that will have a rapid turnover.  That turnover feeds our for profit prison system, a big player in the new normal economy of Arizona.  It is easy to see how granting the right to legally drive to the dreamer is a slippery slope that could be disruptive to the current crime for profit model we have for growing our economy.

Apathy, the Mother of All Crime

November 15, 2012 5 Comments

fledgling hawk at the condo village

We know there is fraud and corruption all around us. We are aware that we pay these highly disputed tax dollars to government employees less than interested in serving the public. We know laws are broken all the time because there is not even a tiny itsy bitsy effort to enforce them. I am not sure why we have so many (but that is another subject) if they are all just recorded somewhere in case lawyers need to use them. The public believes that somehow having cops is having law enforcement, but this highly simplistic notion is every criminal’s best friend. People allow bold and disgusting crime to happen before their very eyes without trying to stop it just because apathy is so strong that they are basically controlled by it. There is no expectation that our surroundings can be kept crime free, but rather a new normal of home security and paranoid, anti social collection of weaponry.  Full disclosure, I live in Arizona, so I am speaking about my own ‘hood.

I live in a condo village that looks like a fake Taos Pueblo in central Tucson.  There are only 30 homes, a pool, a jacuzzi and a small guest parking area.  For the last 10 years the HOA board has had the same two members every year.  They return to office, even though they are not even known to most residents or owners by keeping completely out of touch.  They meet without any interaction with the other homeowners, send a paper newsletter with vague and meaningless report of the meeting in the mail, and  continue to survive in this isolated way because they discovered apathy.  When one of them celebrated the death of her father by stealing $50 from our dues money and making a donation to a hospice in her father’s name, I called to inform her stealing dues money  is both disgusting and illegal.  She hung up on me.  I learned by asking for neighbors to help get them out of office that the most important element of life for them is denial and ignorance about what is happening in the real estate market and in their surroundings.  I reported the theft of the $50 to the attorney general of AZ who responded that they did not handle such cases.  I inquired at the city council office to locate the office that could handle this crime.  The real estate department no longer helps HOAs with crime infested boards, and the fire department is now in some way attached, but there is no resolution other than to get the homeowners to get the stolen money returned. The homeowners’ prime goal was continued apathy, so that was not workable.

They continued in office and started running a charity scam in our public areas.  They solicit food, money , and any kind of junk to their keep the homeless outside campaign.  They do not believe in supporting the existing shelters and non profits that serve the homeless community.  They believe in trashing the environment of their neighborhood, and some other neighborhood with a public park, in order to feed the homeless outside like animals.  They think they are entitled to run a charity scam blocking our driveways and driving down the price of our real estate value because they know that apathy will protect them.  They have run this operation for years in broad daylight begging on the internet for donations.  I have reported the crime to the IRS, AZ revenue, the County Health Dept, the Ward 3 council office, and of course the TPD.  None of these entities cares if we have a charity scam operating in our neighborhood.  Neither do the owners of the homes that have lost more than half of their value while these board members made this special jurisdiction for themselves in our public areas. The neighborhood watch cop tells a story of neighbors watching a house be cleared out by thieves, but never report it because nobody knows their neighbors.  Here, the homeowners sat silently inside their own homes while their very own property value and quality of life  was willfully destroyed and decided that it must be fate.  I own a lot across the street from the HOA property with a rising value, while these home values have sunk like rocks. Foreclosure has come and stayed.

I do not believe in competing unfairly with legitimate non profits that need all the help they can get today.  It is easy to pitch in, volunteer, or donate to many worthy and wholesome programs that assist the homeless, rather than demean them ( and possibly give them food poisoning) in a public park.  I would think that most people would be grossed out by this, but strangers drive through and donate junk without thinking, “What am I doing in a residential condo village blocking the fire lane to do my charity work ?”  But then, those people are just dropping off a few old socks they no longer want.  The homeowners have been willing to loose their socks just to stay apathetic.

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