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Elizabeth Henchman, 10th Great Grandmother

April 8, 2013 , ,


grave of Elizabeth Henchman

Elizabeth Henchman has a birthplace on file of Plymouth, MA.  I doubt this is true, since in 1612 the Mayflower had not yet landed.  She came from England with her parents, I believe.  She married my 10th great grandfather in Plymouth in 1634.  Her second husband, Richard Hildreth, was prominent in Cambridge, MA. They married in Cambridge in 1645. Her grave can still be located in Malden, MA.

The origin of the name is really from being a royal henchmen in history:


The origin, genealogy, history, and traditions of the Henchman, Hensman, Hinchman, and Hincksman families are known to many family members today, because of the research and dedication of Robert Hinchman, Jr. (1921-1996), of Dallas, Texas, the founder and first president of the Hinchman Heritage Society.  It is from this beginning in England that we may someday find connections to The Hinchman Family in America.  The following two paragraphs were written by Robert for the October 1992 Hinchman Heritage Week in England.

“Legend has it that Thomas Crosborough of Magna Doddington, Northamptonshire, saved the life of King Henry VII during a hunt.  Upon being rescued from the tusks of a wild boar the King said to him:  “Truly, thou art my veritable henchman.”  Thomas thereupon, changed his name to Henchman, and thus, the family began.  His great grandson, Thomas, was apprenticed at the age of 12 to William Cokayne, Master of the Skinners’ Guild, and subsequently became a prominent merchant and Freeman of the City of London during the latter part of the reign of Elizabeth I.  Thomas was the father of Humfry who was instrumental in aiding Charles II escape to France during the English Civil War.  Thus, two Henchmans have helped save the lives of two English kings.”

“The scions of Thomas Crosborough Henchman are the progenitors of the Henchman/Hinchman and Hensman Families of today.  The variations in spellings began to stabilize during the reign of James I and by the time of the restoration of Charles II in 1660, the orthography had become almost set .. but as a Hinchman, you well know that confusion still exists.  The family began its migration to New England in 1637, to Maryland in 1664, and to Australia in the 1860’s.  And, of course, English members  continued down to this day.  Our generation, wherever we live, are descendants of Thomas Crosborough Henchman, his sons and grandsons.  It is an adventure for each of us to discover our particular origins.”

Elizabeth Henchman (1612 – 1693)
is my 10th great grandmother
Mercy Vaughn (1630 – 1675)
daughter of Elizabeth Henchman
Sarah Carr (1682 – 1765)
daughter of Mercy Vaughn
John Hammett (1705 – 1752)
son of Sarah Carr
MARGARET HAMMETT (1721 – 1753)
daughter of John Hammett
Benjamin Sweet (1722 – 1789)
Paul Sweet (1762 – 1836)
son of Benjamin Sweet
Valentine Sweet (1791 – 1858)
son of Paul Sweet
Sarah LaVina Sweet (1840 – 1923)
daughter of Valentine Sweet
Jason A Morse (1862 – 1932)
son of Sarah LaVina Sweet
Ernest Abner Morse (1890 – 1965)
son of Jason A Morse
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Ernest Abner Morse
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

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