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Slave Archetype vs Abundance

September 28, 2015 , , , ,

Most of us are obvious slaves to something or someone. The joke is that we slave on without knowledge of our bondage because we obscure reality to ourselves. We make-believe the job, the society, the government, the neighborhood, or even our birth family are to blame for all of our trials and tribulations. We need a scapegoat for any misery directly attributed to our behavior, so we manifest some slavery that keeps us from being free.  These masters of our fate are clearly visible and obvious to all everyone else, just as we can clearly see what imprisons other people.  The trick is to catch our own slave at work undermining our confidence and freedom, diminishing our possibilities and talents.  Once the bondage has been identified it can be put to much more fruitful use.  We define both abundance and scarcity for our own lives. Each of us has a particular definition that includes hints to finding the enslaver we harbor within.  There are certain qualities or practices we consider to be essential to our persona’s happiness.  Those are the things to which we are enslaved.

The bright full moon and eclipse last night moved me to examine my own areas of shadow slavery.  I have taken a fun break from home and routine lately, which gives new perspective on my personal habits and rituals.  Returning home I directly experienced my own abundance and good fortune. I have comfort, joy, good fortune, friends and ease in my home.  Although I had a procedure to remove a small skin cancer on my shoulder last week, my doctor’s office is right down the street and I have all the support I need from friends and neighbors.   The wound is healing quickly with very little pain.  I see this wound on my skin as a reminder of my abundant good fortune.  I do need to care for it as well as trust in providence and doctor’s instructions to heal me.  The way I treat this wound is a metaphor for the way I take care of my health for the future.  It represents the value and the necessity of self care, and also shows how much we all depend on help from others to live complete lives.

Have you ever taken a look at your inner slave in action?  Who or what is the master, gentle reader?

The Buddha

The Buddha


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I love your premise . It’s very much truth. Self care, self awareness and the ability to ask questions of others about health issues we are experiencing is key.

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 29, 2015

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