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Benjamin Congdon, Rhode Island Pioneer

July 8, 2015 , , , ,

Congdon Coat of Arms

Congdon Coat of Arms

There are conflicting versions of my 8th great-grandfather’s birth.  Some believe he was born in Wales, and others think he was born in Rhode island.  My research points to Wales, but I have not worked very hard on his parents. Each generation needs scrutiny to make sure there are no mistakes before proceeding backwards.  I have made plenty of  family tree errors in the past, and wish to avoid it in future. We are without proof, but I think young Benjamin sailed from Wales when he was very young, perhaps with his parents.  He was in Rhode Island early enough to buy land from the native people:

The first notice found of Benjamin Congdon is in the Records of Portsmounth, R.I., under date of June 16th 1670, where he is proposed to become a freeman (or voter). He married Elizabeth Albro, the daughter of Major John Albro; she received as a bequest from her father 50 shillings in English money, 1 bolster case, 1 pair of sheets and 2 pewter platters. Benjamin Congdon bought land of the original proprietors (the Indians) at Potaquamscut, R.I., Sept. 22nd 1671. In his will whihc is dated July 2d, 1715, he mentions his wife, Elizabeth Congdon and his loving sons William, John, Benjamin and James. His daughters were Elizabeth Wells and Susannah Anthony.

Benjamin Congdon (1642 – 1718)
is my 8th great grandfather
Benjamin Congdon (1676 – 1756)
son of Benjamin Congdon
William Congdon (1711 – 1755)
son of Benjamin Congdon
Frances Congdon (1738 – 1755)
daughter of William Congdon
Thomas Sweet (1765 – 1844)
son of Frances Congdon
Valentine Sweet (1791 – 1858)
son of Thomas Sweet
Sarah LaVina Sweet (1840 – 1923)
daughter of Valentine Sweet
Jason A Morse (1862 – 1932)
son of Sarah LaVina Sweet
Ernest Abner Morse (1890 – 1965)
son of Jason A Morse
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Ernest Abner Morse
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

Benjamin Congdon appears to have first settled in Rhode Island, where, on the 20th day of Sepctember, 1671, he bought of William Brenton, Benedict Arnold, and others, 230 acres of land in Narragansett, but did not occupy it for several years after. He was a made freeman in 1677, being born about 1650. It is not ascertained who his parents were, or whether he was born in this country. In 1679 he received a deed of 200 acres of land in Narragansett, being part of 7,630 acres laid out by Samuel Wilber to Jirch Bull and 24 others. On the 20th day of October, 1683, he sold to John Sheldon the 230 acres he purchased of William Brenton and Benedict Arnold, for 7 pounds. in the deed he styled himself, “late of Porsmouth, planter.”
His signature was made to deeds, etc., by mark Z while his son Benjamin signed by mark O. His will was executed July 2, 1715, and proved in the Probate Court Dec. 10, 1718. His executors were his wife, Elizabeth, and son, John. To sons William, John, Benjamin, and James, 5s. each, they having had their portions. To daughter Elizabeth Wells and Sussanna Northup three cows each, and to granddaughter Elizabeth Wells, a co w at deceased of his wife. To his wife, the household goods at her disposal, and the farm, orchard, and housing for life. To so John, two cows and a heifer. Benjamin Congdon married Elizabeth Albro, dau. of John Albro and Dorothy . He died Jan. 19, 1718. She died Nov. 15, 1720. Both were buried in the Congdon burial ground at Congdon Hill, near Wickford, R.i.

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what a great coat of arms! WOW!! That’s pretty cool. He lived pretty long life too.


Benjamin Congdon is also one of my great-grandfathers
b. about 1642 in Pembrokeshire, Wales England. Died June 19,1718 in North Kingston, RI. His father, John Congdon, b 1610 in Pembrokeshire, Wales, England and died about 1646 in York County, Virginia. I have more information.
My family line follows James Congdon, 4th child of Benjamin and Elizabeth Albro, the brother of your William Congdon.


Connie Nicholas

January 17, 2016

Being a direct defendant of Benjamin Congdon and possibly John Congdon of Virginia we lack the missing link between John and Benjamin. A lot of colonial records were burned during the Civil War. We have 10 years of research. Colaborat?
Wendy Congdon Guammarino



May 29, 2016

Sure, Wendy, I love the Congdon line, and solving mysteries in my tree.


Pamela Morse

May 30, 2016

Being also a direct defendant of the first Benjamin we find he could very possibly the son of John Congdon a planter from Virginia. John arrived in Virginia in 1638 and granted a land patent of 50 acres. He bought many more acres and his wife and 3 children arrive around 1641. John dies around 1643 leaving 3 orphans. A Ralph Wormsley makes wards of the children since a Christopher Wormsley is married to Johns sister. In 1650 another John Congdon comes to Virginia most likely an oldest son and also Ralph Wormsley dies around then. In 1660 “Guy Knight and his now wife Mary Knight daughter of John Congdon planter” sell 65 acres of his land. She was one of the 3 orphans. We believe Benjamin and one other the rest. But not a the David Condon that arrives in Virginia in 1680.


Wendy Congdon Giammarino

May 29, 2016

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